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Table of Contents

Move objects with your mind, levitate, predict the future, perform mind control and hypnotism. These are just some mentalism tricks that mentalists can perform. Mentalism is an art in which people known as mentalists appear to have supernatural mental abilities, and in some cases some believe that they truly possess supernatural powers such as telepathy. It is the most powerful type of magic. Many mentalists argue that mentalism is a different form all together, and claim not to be magicians.

Mentalism Is Not For Everybody

Okay, so you feel you may possess what it takes to be a mentalist. You may feel you have the ability to know what your friend’s going to say before he says it, or that if you had the right training that you really could perform telekinesis, and move that object off the table with just your mind. First off, Mentalism is not for everyone. It requires ability to look and feel completely genuine. It must be sincere, and so believable that you yourself believe that you are supernatural even if you do still live with your parents, or not so super. You must truly believe that you can perform these mentalism tricks. If there is anything that you are saying or doing that may be stretching reality that you remain in full control and believe the whole time that your mind control is powerful and real.

Learn To Become a Mentalist With Us!

It’s not going to just take an article from someone to teach you mentalism or if you learn some mentalism tricks that does not automagically make you a mentalist. It’s going to take time and study for you to pull something like this off, and get the reaction you are looking for.

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