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Table of Contents

The MentalismExpert website is a collaboration between four friends whose worlds came together through their personal experiences and fascination with Mentalism. We all met at a convention that took place in Las Vegas (Mindvention 2014), and ever since that convention, we’ve wanted to promote the field of mentalism proactively. MentalismExpert is the birthchild of that enthusiasm and eagerness to share our love and passion for the field. We hope everyone who comes across it will be enthralled with the topic just as we have been.

We are all amateur mentalists who are always seeking to improve our skills. We want to share some of the valuable knowledge we acquired over the years and some we will keep closely guarded :P.

The MentalismExpert Team

The MentalismExpert team consists of four members, Dean Evans, Jake Blumenthal, John Davis, and Michael Parker.

Dean Evans

Dean has been fascinated by magic for as early as he can remember. Growing up as a child, he would often learn to perform all sorts of magic and card tricks, and it was when the legendary Uri Geller first bent his first spoon on national television that he became enthralled with Mentalism.

Jake Blumenthal

Jake’s story is a surprising one. He became fascinated with mentalism while setting out to prove to his girlfriend at the time that they were just a bunch of scam artists. The two went to a mentalism performance, where Jake was picked from the crowd as a volunteer and had details recounted to him that not even his girlfriend knew. That day solidified his vocation toward becoming a mentalist.

John Davis

John has been in love with mentalism since his teens when he went to a mentalism show with his father. In recent years his passion for the field has grown mainly due to the popularity of his all-time favorite mentalist, non-other than the great Lior Suchard.

Michael Parker

Michael is the newest addition to the team, a relative newcomer to the field as well, but a newcomer with great passion. Michael’s interest in Mentalism grew alongside the field’s recent popularity growth, and is now a fully-fledged mentalism student, working tirelessly to improve his mentalism skills.

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