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The Magical Moving Pen

Table of Contents

Many magicians perform the moving pen magic trick, and it’s a classic for a reason. The basic premise of the magical moving pen is simple: a pen is placed on a table and then magically moves across the table without being touched by the magician. It’s a simple yet effective illusion that can leave your audience baffled.

The Magical Moving Pen Trick Explained

The magic pen trick is a great way to impress your friends and family. But it’s more challenging than it looks. It would help if you had good coordination and control to make the pen move across the table smoothly. But with a little practice, you’ll be able to perform this amazing trick like a pro!

First, you’ll need a pen that’s made of metal or plastic with round edges. Second, you’ll need a big table to allow the pen to move freely. Third, you’ll need a puff of air to blow the pen out.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Ask your audience if they can move the pen using their psychic abilities.
  2. Tell them you will try to move the pen with your mind.
  3. Ask them to focus on the pen and concentrate on it moving.
  4. While trying at first, the pen’s position will remain unchanged. You may pretend to be annoyed, showing signs of confusion about why your mind’s powers aren’t strong enough to move the pen.
  5. Then, try to engage the audience member by making it more personal. Ask them to think about moving the pen themselves.
  6. Tell them to focus on the pen and willing it to move.
  7. While the spectators concentrate on the pen, you quickly blow on the table. The sudden gust of air will make the pen roll away, giving the illusion that you moved it with your mind.

Revealing the Mystery

The moving pen trick works because of air pressure. When you blow on the pen, you create air flowing over the table’s surface. This stream of air exerts a small amount of pressure on the pen, and this is what causes the pen to move. The harder you blow, the faster the pen will move. Try it for yourself and see!


It is a simple but effective magic trick that impresses your audience. Be sure to practice it before performing it for others.


With easy magic tricks like the magical moving pen, you can amaze your friends and family with your magical abilities. It is a great way to boast about your talents and have some fun at the same time.


How to do magic tricks with a pen?

You will need to learn some basic sleight-of-hand techniques to do magic tricks with a pen. Many magic tricks can be performed with a pen, from simple vanishings to more complex illusions. For instance, you can make a pen float mid-air or appear to vanish into thin air.

What are magic tricks with pens used for?

You can use magic tricks with pens for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and communication. You can also use them to entertain an audience by providing them with a creative and innovative form of entertainment.

Can anyone perform magic tricks with a pen?

Yes, magic tricks with a pen can be performed by anyone! With a little creativity, you can even create your original tricks. All you need is practice. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add your twists and flourishes to make the tricks even more impressive.

How difficult is the magic pen trick to learn?

The magic pen trick is not difficult to learn. However, it does require practice and some understanding of the basic principles of magic. Once you know the secret behind the trick, it is simply a matter of performing the necessary techniques.

Where can I learn more about the magic trick with a pen?

You can find instructional videos, books, and articles online. You can also find local classes and workshops that will teach you the basics of sleight of hand.

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