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The Find the Card “Sucker” Trick

Table of Contents

The Sucker Card Trick is one of the oldest and most popular card tricks. In this trick, the magician asks a volunteer to choose a card from a deck of cards. He then shuffles the deck while asking the volunteer to return their chosen card. The magician pulls out all the other cards, one by one, until only the volunteer’s chosen card is left. This trick always leaves audiences amazed!

In finding the card “sucker” trick, the magician uses his skills of observation and misdirection to find the chosen card.

The Find the Card “Sucker” Trick Explained

The sucker card trick is a great way to impress your friends and family and is also fun to perform. You only need a deck of cards and a little practice to learn this classic magic trick. It is a great magic trick for beginners and experienced magicians.

Here is how to do it

  1. Put the Ace of hearts on the bottom of the regular deck of cards.
  2. Ask your friend to select any card without showing it to you.
  3. Divide the deck in half.
  4. Place your friend’s card on the top of the first half of the deck.
  5. Place the other half on top of your friend’s chosen, thus being placed right after the Ace of hearts.
  6. Now start turning over the cards to guess the card being selected by your friend.
  7. While flipping over the Ace of hearts, you’ll see the card your friend has selected. But you need to maintain the suspense to let your friend have a brief moment of victory.
  8. Flip over a few more cards and tell your friend that the next card will be the one he has chosen.
  9. The next card cannot be the one that has been chosen; hence, while building his curiosity, reach down the cards on the table and flip over his card.

Revealing the Mystery

  • This trick works because you know where the person’s card is in the deck.
  • By cutting the deck in half, you guarantee that the person’s card will be in one of the two halves.
  • Then, by having the person put their card on top of one of the halves, you know which half their card is in.
  • Finally, by cutting the deck again, you guarantee that the person’s card will be in the middle of the deck.


The Sucker Card Trick is perfect for parties or get-togethers and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. It is one of the easy magic tricks through which you can surprise your friends and family. So, gather your friends and see who can come out on top in the card guessing game!


How does the sucker card trick work?

The trick works because of the principles of misdirection and deception. By keeping the audience’s attention focused on one thing (the card is selected), the magician can deceive them about what is happening.

How can I learn to perform the sucker card trick better?

The sucker card trick is a simple yet effective card trick that anyone can perform with a regular deck of cards. There are many instructional books and videos available on the subject. A quick search online will turn up several resources.

Are there other variations of the sucker card trick?

There are many variations of the sucker card trick, and new ones are always created. Some common variations include using a different number of cards, a different method to choose the sucker card or a different method to reveal the sucker card.

Is the sucker card trick always successful?

No, like any magic trick, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. However, with a little practice, you can perform the trick most of the time successfully.

Are there any tips to master the sucker card trick?

Practice beforehand so that you know the secret moves involved. Moreover, ensure that your chosen card is thick enough and thick enough, as this can make the trick more difficult to perform. You also need to be confident when you perform the trick and not only let things phase you if things go according to plan.

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