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How to Guess Someone’s Age Trick

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Have you ever thought about how those street magicians seem to know exactly how old you are? Well, there’s no magic involved – just a simple trick that anyone can learn.

If you are still wondering how to guess someone’s age, you need to believe in the magic of numbers and your mathematical skills.

How to Guess Someone’s Age Explained

It’s easy to do and only requires a few simple supplies. With some practice, you’ll be able to guess the ages of people with amazing accuracy.

Here’s how it works:

Finding Age by Choosing Numbers

With this magic trick of how to guess someone’s age, you can amaze your friends by guessing their age correctly every time!

Choosing a number between 2 and 10

If you’re looking to make an educated guess about someone’s age, ask them to choose a number between 2 and 10.

For example, your friend has chosen the number 7.

After selecting the number, ask your friend to multiply that digit by 2. For example, (7*2=14)

Now, ask your friend to add 5 to the product of the digits. For example (14+5=19)

After doing the addition, ask your friend to multiply again. This time by the number 50. For example (19*50= 950)

If your friend has already celebrated a birthday this year, ask him to add 1767 to the prior result. If they are waiting to celebrate, you can ask him to add 1766 to the prior result.

Example 1: (Waiting to celebrate a birthday): 950+1771=2721

Example 2: (Already celebrated birthday): 950+1772=2722

Note: You need to add a number for each year that passes. The numbers used in the example are for the year 2022.

Ask your friend to subtract from the result obtained from the year he was born. If the birth year was 2002, then it will be as follows.

Example 1: 2721-2002=719

Example 2: 2722-2002=720

Revealing the Answer

The first among the three digits on the hundreds place will be the one chosen by your friends, and the remaining two numbers will be your friend’s age. Hence, the chosen number is 7, and the current age is 19, while if the birthday has already been celebrated, the age is 20.

Finding Age by Using a Calculator

You can learn how to find out how old someone is by using these simple calculations.

Ask the person to use the first number of their age and multiply by 5.

Let’s suppose the age of the person is 25 years. When multiplied by 5, we have (2*5= 10)

Ask the person to add 3 to the prior result (10+3=13)

Now ask the person to double the existing answer by multiplying it with 2

For example, 13*2= 26

Ask the person to add the second number of their age to that doubled number.

Example: 26+5=31

Ask the person to subtract 6, revealing the person’s age.


Hence the age is 25 years.

Deducing the Month and Date of Birth

You have learned how to find the age of someone by using a calculator. You can also guess the date and month of birth with it. It is a fun way to take the let’s ‘guess your age’ magic trick up a notch.

Ask your friend to multiply 7 by their birth month. For example: If the birth month is April. For example, (7* 4 = 28). Then, subtract 1 from that number (28-1=27).

Afterward, multiply the obtained numbers after subtraction by 13. For example, (27*13=351).

Now, ask your friend to add the day of birth (351+4=355) and then add three. For example, (355+3=358) and then multiply the new number by 11. For example (358 *11=3938)

Now ask to subtract the month of their birth (3938-4=3934) and the day of birth (3934-4=3930)

Finally, ask your friend to divide the obtained result by 10. (3930/10=393)

Add 11. (393+11=404)

Revealing the Answer

The first digit will be the birth month, and the last two will be the day.

Hence the birthday: 4th April

In the case of decimal result, the digit before the decimal point is the birth month and two digits after it is the birthday.


This trick is a great way to entertain your friends and family. By using simple math, you can quickly figure out someone’s age. Try it out at your next party or gathering, along with some other easy magic tricks.


What is the guess your age trick used for?

The guess-your-age trick can be used as a fun way to guess someone’s age, or it can be used as an icebreaker at parties or gatherings. It’s also a great party trick to impress your friends with!

How accurate is the how to find someone’s age trick?

The guess-your-age trick is usually quite accurate, but some factors can affect its accuracy. For example, if the person you’re trying to guess is younger than 12 years old, the trick may not work either.

How to find out someone’s age when you don’t have a calculator?

If you need to know someone’s age but don’t have a calculator handy, you can also use paper and a pencil. Moreover, if your arithmetic skills are sharp, you can use your mental math skill to calculate the age needed.

Is there any variation in the guess my age trick?

One variation is to ask someone to guess your age, and then when they give you an answer, say that you were born on a different day than what they guessed.

Is the age guesser trick just a trick, or does it help you guess someone’s age?

The trick works well to help you guess someone’s age. Using different methods involving different mathematical operations, you can get a pretty accurate estimate of how old they are. Try it out with your friends and see for yourself!

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