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The Coin Vanish Trick – An Easy Magic Trick for Beginners

Table of Contents

The Coin Vanish trick is one of the most classic magic tricks. It is a simple yet effective trick you can perform with any coin. The basic premise of the trick is that a coin vanishes from one hand and reappears in the other.

There are many ways to perform the vanish coin trick, and each has its distinct benefits and setbacks. In addition, the method will often depend on the performer’s style and likes. So, what do you need to do to make the coin vanish trick? Read on to find out!

The Coin Vanish Trick Explained

The magician will need a few supplies to perform the coin-vanishing trick.

  • First, they will need a coin. Any coin will do, but quarters work best.
  • Second, the magician will need a string or a thin cloth. This will be used to control the coin and make it disappear.
  • Finally, the magician will need a small piece of tape. This will be used to hold the coin in place on the string or cloth.

With these supplies in hand, the magician is ready to begin. But the difficulty level of the trick depends on how you perform the vanish, but it is between easy to medium.

Here is a step-by-step approach to performing the vanishing coin trick.

  1. Cut a piece of string or cloth into a strip about the size of a coin.
  2. Place the strip of string or cloth over the coin.
  3. Wrap the string or cloth around the coin and tape it in place.
  4. Hold the coin in your hand and make sure that the string or cloth is hanging down from the coin.
  5. Ask your spectator to hold the string or cloth in one hand and the coin in the other.
  6. Make a sweeping gesture with your hand, and the coin will vanish!

To make the coin reappear, ask your spectator to let go of the string or cloth, and the coin will fall into your hand.


The coin vanish trick is a great way to impress your friends and family. This is one of the easy magic tricks to perform with practice. All you need is a coin, a thin piece of cloth, a small piece of tape, and time to spare.

This trick uses a sleight of hand to make a coin disappear. For example, to vanish a coin, the performer uses a quick movement to palm the coin and make it disappear. This trick is fun to learn, and with a bit of practice, you can master the coin vanish trick and perform it like a pro.


What Is the Easiest Coin Trick?

Many coin tricks are easy to learn and perform. One such trick is the classic “vanishing coin” trick. To perform this trick, you will need several materials depending on the method utilized. And the basis behind this trick is to make the coin used to disappear.

How Do You Get a Coin to Disappear Behind Your Ear?

First, you need to have a coin. Second, you must hold the coin close to your ear in your hand. Third, you must quickly move your hand away from your ear while still holding onto the coin. Doing this well should cause the coin to disappear behind your ear.

How Do You Get a Coin to Disappear in Your Elbow?

To get a coin to disappear in your elbow, you must start by holding the coin in your palm. Then, you will need to quickly move the coin towards your elbow and make a fist.
The coin should now be hidden in your elbow. Then, to make the coin reappear, you must simply open your fist and let the coin fall back into your palm.

Why Does a Coin Disappear Under a Glass of Water?

A coin disappears from view when placed under a glass of water. This is because the water acts as a lens, bending the light that passes through it. The coin is still there but is hidden from view because the light is bent around it.

Can Coin Vanishing Trick Be Performed With Any Coin?

The answer is yes; the coin vanishing trick can be performed with any coin. The size and weight of the coin do not matter as long as it is a coin. This trick can also be performed with a paperclip or other small, flat object.

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